Expert Eye Doctor in Niceville, FL

Expert Eye Doctor in Niceville, FL

Neuro-Developmental, Pediatric, and Rehabilitation Optometrists

Dr. James D. Hemmig is an expert primary care eye doctor and general optometrist who provides expert prescriptions and treatments for all ages. Dr. Hemmig also practices as a developmental optometrist with specialties in children's vision development, Vision Therapy and vision related learning disorders.

Based on his developmental approach and/or his knowledge of acquired eye and vision conditions, Dr. Hemmig brings decades of experience to the specialized testing and successful treatments he offers for many challenging visual conditions.

For example, James D. Hemmig, O.D. provides comprehensive and/or specialized eye care related to the diagnosis and treatment of developmental and functional vision problems. Dr. Hemmig also provides visual perceptual testing and training for children with learning challenges. And he treats patients with vision problems related to reading, AD(H)D, dyslexia, crossed-eyes (strabismus), lazy eyes (amblyopia), eyestrain, near-sightedness (myopia), stroke, neurological disease and head / brain injury / concussion.

James D. Hemmig, O.D.

There's More to Healthy Vision than 20/20 Eyesight!

Learn more about symptoms of visual problems which affect
reading skills, learning disabilities and, in some cases, overall
reading, learning, school, sports and life success.